See Earth: Stepping into the Cosmos!

Дивися Земле: крокуем у космосi!

1965 Russian B1 26x42" (67x107cm)

Grade: Very Good


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English title: See Earth: Stepping into the Cosmos!

Poster title: Дивися Земле: крокуем у космосi!

Poster Year: 1965

Poster Origin: Russian

Size: B1  26x42"  (67x107cm)

Categories: Bold ColorsEastern EuropeanPropagandaSpace

Keywords: 1960sastronautbluecommunismcosmonautredsovietSpacestar

Restoration: Linen-backed

Grade: C4  Very Good. Folded, single-sided. Prior to linen backing the poster had significant handling/edge wear, heavy surface wear, missing paper chips along edge, cross fold separation, missing lower-right corner, and a light pencil grid drawn over whole poster for use in creating mural. Expert restoration has addressed these flaws and the poster now appears very fine to near mint.

This gorgeous space poster celebrates the successful launch of the Восход-2 (Voskhod-2), the world’s first spacecraft to carry astronauts that exited the vehicle into outer space. As pictured in the photo, the ship held 2 crew members, Павел Иванович Беляев (Pavel Belyayev) and Алексе́й Архи́пович Лео́нов (Alexey Leonov), the latter of which was the first human perform a “spacewalk” by exiting the craft for 12 minutes using only a specialized suit. An extremely rare and desirable poster.

In stock

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