Midnight Cowboy


1969 Japanese STB 20x57" (51x145cm)

Grade: Very Fine



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English title: Midnight Cowboy

Poster title: 真夜中のカーボーイ

Poster Year: 1969

Poster Origin: Japanese

Size: STB  20x57"  (51x145cm)

Film title: Midnight Cowboy

Film Year: 1969

Film Origin: USA

Film Directors: John Schlesinger

Film Actors: Dustin HoffmanJon VoightSylvia MilesJohn McGiver

Film Genres: Drama

Film Plot: A naive prostitute and his sickly friend struggle to survive on the streets of New York City.

Categories: ClassicsCultFilmLarge Posters

Keywords: 1960scigarettefringegigolohatleatherNYC

Grade: C8  Very Fine. Folded, single-sided. Top C8: Very minimal handling wear, slight edge wear, pin holes, Bottom C8: Very minimal handling wear, slight edge wear, pinholes

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Price: $225

Midnight Cowboy is one of the crowning films of the independent era. Amazingly, and despite its bleak story, dirty and diseased skid row characters, controversial depictions of sexuality, and big fat X rating from the censors, it won best picture and was a huge commercial success. On a $3.2 million budget it made nearly $45 million dollars at the box office — that would be over $200 million dollars accounting for inflation! However, it’s debatable as to whether a movie like this could ever be greenlit in the play-it-safe world of today. At a dinner party in 1994 the director, John Schlesinger, asked a studio executive… “I said, ‘If I brought you a story about this dishwasher from Texas who goes to New York dressed as a cowboy to fulfill his fantasy of living off rich women, doesn’t, is desperate, meets a crippled consumptive who later pisses his pants and dies on a bus, would you—’ and he said, ‘I’d show you the door.’”

This nearly 5′ tall Japanese STB offers great portraits of the down and out leads and is one of the only posters to depict the duo in color. This tall, slender format had very low print numbers compared to regular Japanese B2s. They are very rare, especially for more popular film titles, and are highly sought after by collectors today.


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