Magnum Force


1974 Japanese STB 20x57" (51x145cm)

Grade: Fine to Very Fine


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English title: Magnum Force

Poster title: ダーティハリー2

Poster Year: 1974

Poster Origin: Japanese

Size: STB  20x57"  (51x145cm)

Film title: Magnum Force

Film Year: 1973

Film Origin: USA

Film Directors: Ted Post

Film Actors: Clint EastwoodHal HolbrookMitchell RyanDavid Soul

Film Genres: Action| Crime| Mystery

Film Plot: Dirty Harry is on the trail of vigilante cops who are not above going beyond the law to kill the city's undesirables.

Categories: Black & WhiteCultMid-Century ModernFilmLarge Posters

Keywords: 1970scopgunhairholster

Grade: C7  Fine to Very Fine. Rolled, single-sided. Top C7-C8: Minimal handling/edge wear, pin holes, Bottom C7: Minimal handling/edge wear, pinholes, minor foxing

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The Dirty Harry character is iconic for blending a modern, anti-hero with old-west sensibilities — a trademark of star Clint Eastwood. Posters featuring Dirty Harry have always been in high demand. Famed poster artist Bill Gold came up with an amazing set studio photographs of Clint Eastwood posing with his Smith & Wesson Model 29 “.44 Magnum” and they served as the inspiration for poster campaigns around the world. While as a film, Magnum Force may not meet the high bar set by its predecessor Dirty Harry, the amazing array of promotional materials for Magnum Force has been on fire lately due to widening recognition of how well Bill Gold captured the essence of the Dirty Harry character — perhaps even more so than the wonderful posters for the first film.

This Japanese STB features an amazing full-length portrait of “Dirty” Harry Callahan — at this 58″ tall and created in only black & white it almost looks like a firing range target!

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