1960 French 1-panel 47x63" (120x160cm)

Artist: Longi, Carl Antonio (1921-1980)

Grade: Fine



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Poster Details

English title: L’Avventura

Poster title: L'Avventura

Artist: Longi, Carl Antonio (1921-1980)

Poster Year: 1960

Poster Origin: French

Size: 1-panel  47x63"  (120x160cm)

Film title: L'Avventura

Film Year: 1960

Film Origin: Italy | France

Film Directors: Michelangelo Antonioni

Film Actors: Gabriele FerzettiMonica VittiLea MassariDominique Blanchar

Film Genres: Drama| Mystery

Film Plot: A woman disappears during a Mediterranean boating trip. During the search, her lover and her best friend become attracted to each other.

Categories: Bold ColorsFashionFilmLarge Posters

Keywords: 1960scloudsembraceillustration artjacketoceanredwavesyellow

Grade: C6  Fine. Folded, single-sided. Unused poster with moderate handling/edge/fold wear, cross fold separation (common on these large French posters with so many folds), a few missing chips along the edges, and paper that has become slightly brittle/acid-tanned.

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Price: $750

This huge French 1-panel for L’Avventura features gorgeous Carl Antonio Longi art of Gabriele Ferzetti & Monica Vitti. Easily one of Antonioni’s best films and coming along side Godard’s Breathless, Truffaut’s the 400 Blows and Fellini’s La Dolce Vita — it may sound cliche to say — but these French and Italian new wave films of the early 1960s truly changed the language of cinema for decades to follow.


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