1978 US 1-sheet 27x41" (69x104cm)

Artist: Gleason, Robert

Grade: Fine



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Poster Details

Poster title: Halloween

Artist: Gleason, Robert

Poster Year: 1978

Poster Origin: US

Size: 1-sheet  27x41"  (69x104cm)

Style: white ratings box style

Film title: Halloween

Film Year: 1978

Film Origin: USA

Film Directors: John Carpenter

Film Actors: Donald PleasenceJamie Lee CurtisNancy KyesP.J. Soles

Film Genres: Horror| Thriller

Film Plot: On Halloween night of 1963, 6-year old Michael Myers stabbed his sister to death. After sitting in a mental hospital for 15 years, Myers escapes and returns to Haddonfield to kill.

Categories: AuteurBold ColorsCultFilm

Keywords: 1970sjack-o-lanternknifeorangepumpkinred

Restoration: Linen-backed

Grade: C6  Fine. Folded, single-sided. Unused poster with very minimal handling/edge wear. This poster would grade C9 if not suffering from surface compression marks while stored rolled.

Framing: List prices are for posters only. Please inquire to discuss framing options.

Price: $875

“You can’t kill the boogeyman.” Few films in the history of cinema can claim to be as influential as John Carpenter’s 1978 cult classic, Halloween. Not only did it establish many of the most common tropes in the horror genre, but it also introduced the world to the genius of John Carpenter. To top it all off, Halloween was one of the most profitable independent films of all time — with a budget of $300k it made over $110 million!

The US 1-sheet for Halloween has some of the most recognizable art from any horror poster. The design has without a doubt become synonymous with the horror genre. An interesting easter egg…. the artist, Robert Gleason, made a face on the hand holding the knife. If you look closely at the space between the knuckles you can make out eyes and a mouth, with the knuckle of the middle finger forming the nose. Amazing that you can still find something new in such an iconic, well-known image!


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