1931 US exhibitor book 10x14" (25x36cm)

Grade: Fine to Very Fine


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Poster title: Frankenstein

Poster Year: 1931

Poster Origin: US

Size: exhibitor book  10x14"  (25x36cm)

Style: Bela Lugosi credit style

Film title: Frankenstein

Film Year: 1931

Film Origin: USA

Film Directors: James Whale

Film Actors: Colin CliveMae ClarkeJohn BolesBoris Karloff

Film Genres: Drama| Horror| Sci-Fi

Film Plot: An obsessed scientist assembles a living being from parts of exhumed corpses.

Categories: Bold ColorsClassicsCultFilm

Keywords: 1930scitycrowdeyesgreenkaijumonsteryellow

Grade: C7  Fine to Very Fine. Flat, double-sided. This page from the 1931 campaign book looks to be unused and was cleanly removed from the book leaving two clean staple holes, but no tears at the binding. This would have graded much higher if not for a small chip of paper missing from the lower left corner.

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“The Big Book from Universal 1931-1932”, an annual exhibitors guide, was released while FRANKENSTEIN was still early on in pre-production and while Bela Lugosi was still expected to star. This fantastic design somehow ended up with the monster towering over the city like some sort of Godzilla Kaiju!

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