1971 Japanese B2 20x28" (51x72cm)

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English title: Confession

Poster title: 告白

Poster Year: 1971

Poster Origin: Japanese

Size: B2  20x28"  (51x72cm)

Film title: L'aveu

Film Year: 1970

Film Origin: France | Italy

Film Directors: Costa-Gavras

Film Actors: Yves MontandSimone SignoretGabriele FerzettiMichel Vitold

Film Genres: Drama| Thriller

Film Plot: Anton Ludvik, aka Gerard, is vice-minister of Foreign Affairs of Czechoslovakia. He realizes he is watched and followed. One day, he is arrested and put into jail, in solitary confinement. ...

Categories: AuteurCultFilmPropaganda

Keywords: 1970scommunismglassesnoosesoviettorture

Grade: C7-C8  Fine to Very Fine. Rolled, single-sided. Minimal handling wear, very minor edge wear on the lower left and upper right sides.

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After the success of Z (1969), director Costa-Gavras turned his cameras on the Communists, exposing the post-war Stalinist purge of the party in this riveting political thriller. Never one to shy away from the nitty-gritty details of torture and government-sponsored violence, Costa-Gavras carried the theme over to the poster campaign for The Confession (L’Aveu) with striking, unsettling results!

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