Bonnie and Clyde

1967 UK quad 40x30" (102x76cm)

Artist: Chantrell, Tom (1916-2001)

Grade: Very Good to Fine


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Poster Details

Poster title: Bonnie and Clyde

Artist: Chantrell, Tom (1916-2001)

Poster Year: 1967

Poster Origin: UK

Size: quad  40x30"  (102x76cm)

Style: action style

Film title: Bonnie and Clyde

Film Year: 1967

Film Origin: USA

Film Directors: Arthur Penn

Film Actors: Warren BeattyFaye DunawayMichael J. PollardGene Hackman

Film Genres: Biography| Crime| Drama

Film Plot: A somewhat romanticized account of the career of the notoriously violent bank robbing couple and their gang.

Categories: ClassicsCultMid-Century ModernFilm

Keywords: 1960sbluecargunredtommy gun

Restoration: Linen-backed

Grade: C5  Very Good to Fine. Folded, single-sided. Prior to linen backing the poster had moderate handling/fold wear and tattering and small tears along the edges. Expert restoration including airbrushing to the background have addressed all of these flaws and the poster now appears very fine to near mint.

Framing: List prices are for posters only. Please inquire to discuss framing options.

Price: $1,250

Like The Graduate and Cool Hand Luke released in the same year, Bonnie and Clyde shook the foundation of the old-Hollywood studio system. With its cinema verite style, realistic and graphic violence, and celebrated disregard for the authorities Bonnie and Clyde burst into cinemas and attracted throngs of young cinema-goers craving something different.

This bold and action-packed UK poster is the most desirable title for the film due to it’s spectacular artwork from Tom Chantrell — one of the most celebrated poster illustrators from any country. Don’t miss this one!

In stock

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